Early or Pre-Menopause

Early or Pre-Menopause is the time when a lot of women suddenly change their lifestyles. They feel frustrated and yearn for a different life not really knowing that they are – indeed – about to transform into a new person. When you start the pre-menopausal stage depends on genetics, environment and your hormonal, mental and spiritual make-up.

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Herbal Teas

In Pre-Menopause, many people find it therapeutic to start drinking good quality herbal teas, in place of some of their coffee or normal tea drinks.
There are several herbal teas which have been classed as favourites. These include Raspberry leaf tea and Red Clover leaf tea. One or both of these can be sipped throughout the day whenever you need a nice refreshing drink.

Raspberry Leaf Tea tastes delicious and it is very nourishing. You can drink this throughout all stages of pre, during and post menopause. If fact some studies have suggested that the sooner you incorporate this into your natural regime each day or at least several times per week, the more smoothly things seem to go.

Cleanse Your Body

During the entire Menopause, changes occur in all the major glands in your body. The primary glands in which hormonal changes occur are: the ovaries, adrenals, thyroid, pancreas and two of the glands located in the brain: the pineal & pituitary glands.

Our modern lifestyles, with fast foods, the use of plastic, the ingestion of medicines made from chemicals and the abundant use of various drugs contribute to the difficulties of the change. All of these toxic chemicals were not found in past societies where Menopause was a quieter and much easier passage. Our bodies are loaded with toxins that slow down, confuse our body and even mimic hormones. These false hormones and chemicals send false messages to the intricate body system and minimize your potential.

The first action, upon finding that you are in the pre-menopausal stage is to cleanse your body of these toxins. This will give your body a better chance of going through Menopause and will make the transition easier for you physically and spiritually.

Cleansing the body is a good way to assist it through the menopause and early or pre-menopause is the best time to start. It is advisable to do an Intestinal Cleanse first, followed by a Liver and then a Kidney cleanse. These three Cleanses should be done at least once a year whilst you are going through the three stages to ensure that you reach the final stage more easily and with a far healthier body.

Irregular Periods

Irregular periods are the first indicators that a woman is in an early or pre-menopausal stage. It may be that your menstrual periods become irregular, you may have flooding and then no periods for a while, you may begin to get sudden hot sweats or hot flushes. Spotting and cramping similar to the cramps you had when you started menstruating may re-occur. Mood swings will occur after your periods as well as before. You may have all or only some of these symptoms.

Recommended Diet for Early or Pre-Menopause

Each woman has different nutritional needs, depending on her physical make-up and state of health. It is important to eat nutritional foods during all stages of Menopause, as this will help your body cope with all the changes it is going through. This is a recommended diet only, intended as a guide.

healthy bones

The Importance of Calcium

Calcium is tremendously important at this stage to prevent bone problems such as osteoporosis, literally the word means ‘porous bones.’ Now is the time to start taking Calcium and Vitamin D supplements as these work together. Calcium supplements will help you obtain sound sleep, dense bones, lower blood pressure and less irritable nerves. Vitamin K and Magnesium are crucial to Calcium use.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D can be obtained by 20 minutes of regular daily exercise in the sunlight and by adding supplements such as Organic Cod Liver Oil. Boron is a naturally occurring mineral that is important in forming strong bones. It is found in organic fruit, vegetables and nuts including: almonds, red apples, dried apricots, avocados, wheat bran, carrots, celery, prunes, honey, orange, onions and potatoes.

Vitamin K

Natural sources of Vitamin K include: spinach, lettuce, kale, cabbage, cauliflower, wheat bran, organic meats, cereals, some fruits, meats, dairy products, eggs.


Natural sources of Magnesium include: the dairy products, meat, fish, poultry, green vegetables, peas and beans.

Reduced Salt Intake

Take less salt with your food. Eat watermelon, parsley, celery, grapes, cucumbers and corn to help your body release the fluids.

Regular Exercise

During Menopause you will need to exercise on a regular basis. Now is the time to take up yoga, go bicycling, walk, ride a horse or start any regular physical activity that you will continue during the next few years. Gentle, regular exercise is extremely important during the change of life as it helps to create and mould your new body.

Drinking Plenty of Fresh Water 

Drinking plenty of fresh water daily is not only good for the skin but also ensures that tissues are well-hydrated and also helps to flush out waste products.